Our Team

Navneet Choubey

Founder - CEO

Creativity runs in his blood. A marketer who amplifies outreach of various digital marketing campaigns based on his long experience in this industry. SINSS is the product of the manifestation of his dreams of a digital future.

Sameer Rahane

Creative Head

His hobby is his work. Expertise in social media trends, tools and techniques. SEO and social campaigns professional who is passionate about his job.

Harshada Kulkarni

Sr. Graphic Designer

Harshada has various areas of expertise. She is exceptionally creative in making visually pleasing designs for various platforms. She has been one of the longest associations of SINSS. She is also proficient in video editing as well as website creation.

Shoaib Kadri

Performance & Operations Manager

Shoaib is a dynamic Operations Manager, and is deeply curious. Various aspects of Performance Marketing are taken care of by him. He also works in Client Servicing and makes sure to acquire the optimum outcome by running social media ads.

Apurva Joshi

Content Strategist

As a person who loves writing, curating quality content that fits the specifications of the client is a fundamental part of Apurva’s job. She is very objective-driven, and loves to pour her creativity on paper in the form of words.

Vajid Sayyad

Video Editor

Vajid is a Graphic Designer and Video Editor who is profoundly creative. Having experience as a social media manager, Vajid is an integral part of the team. His expertise in creative skills is extremely noteworthy, as he understands the psyche of what the client wants.

Aniket Patil

Performance Marketing Associate

A performance marketer at heart, Aniket is involved in SEO as well as core digital marketing. With a curious mind, he is interested in learning and pursuing new things consistently. Joined as an intern, Aniket is now with us full-time.

Sakshi Ahire

Business Developer

As a Business Developer, Sakshi is mainly into sales. She has outstanding communication skills, as she plays a key role in tele-calling and conversions for SINSS’s Digital Marketing Academy. She represents SINSS to the clients in the best way possible, and works as the link between us and the world.

Mahek Shahani

Content Creator

Right from the beginning, Mahek has been a curious person. She takes interest in everything from planning phase to the final delivery. At a very young age, Mahek stands strong as a talent content writer and the skills she has are absolutely noteworthy.

Amruta Chad

Content Strategist

Amruta is a very imaginative writer, whose work reflects her mind vividly. She is a keen learner whilst also being goal oriented. She has excellent communication skills and is also very observant. Being a curious person, she doesn’t flinch from being upfront about her work.

Harsh Ramnani

Video Editor

Harsh is the newest addition to our team as a video editor. He is extremely passionate about his work and has started showing amazing skills from a very young age. He is extremely thoughtful and decisive, and his talent is remarkable.

Shravan Chaudhari

Operations Manager

A marketing and management professional who sees the bigger picture, as well as the small details which help him deliver excellent workflow and performance of all operations.

Aditya Kher

Digital Marketing Executive

An always curious digital marketer who ensures that all the digital campaigns run productively & achieve the desired results. He is responsible to create, plan & execute digital marketing campaigns for the clients.

Aakash Dave

Graphic Designer

What happens when you pair god gifted creativity and passion for designing with endless hard-work and razor-sharp skills? You get a damn good graphics designer!

Pankaj Ojha

Business Manager, Mumbai

As the Busines Development Head of SiNSS in Mumbai, Pankaj oversees the sales, operations & client servicing of Mumbai. He is a business development & sales-person by heart with years of experience in the same.

Amit Pandey

Sales executive, Mumbai

A data-digger who is pro with online portals and hunts for potential leads. An expert in email campaigns and data mining.

Shraddha Mahale

Content Writer

Shraddha is extraordinarily good with words, has a sharp mind and is an amazing content writer. She has great attention to detail while also bringing the bigger picture together. She has an impeccable vocabulary and her thinking skills are utterly remarkable.

Vishal Tankar

Business Manager, Nashik

A sales professional who is an expert in business development and builds effective client relationships.